Another Triumph!

Silver Shackles: Revelations Trilogy: Book Two - Fiona Skye

In some ways I’ve been very lucky with the Revelations series. I stumbled across book one only a few months ago, and after falling utterly in love with the characters, I didn’t have long to wait for this, the sequel. In another way I’ve not been lucky at all, because as impatient as I was for book two over those few short months, I now have to wait an unforeseeable amount of time for book three, and at this point I’m feeling very sorry for myself.


Fiona Skye has very quickly become one of my absolute favourite authors, and not just on the indie scene, but overall. Her stories are clever, intricate, well-paced, and beautifully written. As if that wasn’t enough, her characters are just golden. I have a weakness for clever, resourceful, and fierce female characters, personally, and no one delivers quite like Riley O’Rourke. She is, to me, the standard for every well written woman of fiction, and trust me when I say I can give no higher praise than that.


It’s no secret that there’s a sad lack of three-dimensional women in literature, most writers falling back quite lazily on the “she’s-a-strong-female-character-because-she-punches-stuff-and-so-she-doesn’t-need-any-actual-depth-or-developement” trope, which honestly died a death way back in the early 90’s as far as I’m concerned. Readers want more than that now, and Fiona Skye delivers where so many others lack.


As much as I love Riley – who is complex, caring, career-driven, and makes as many mistakes as she fixes – there is also a huge, diverse cast of other women, too. Both faerie queens are ferocious in very different ways, Penny is a kind-hearted human gauntlet, Orla the straight-speaking good witch, and even conniving Jenny, are all side characters that light up an already brilliant story.


And those are just the women! David, in particular, deserves honourable mention. His role in this book was crucial, and while I don’t want to give away any spoilers, it wouldn’t have been the same story without him. There aren’t many books that reduce me to squealing fangirl these days, but this has to be said: TEAM RIVID FOREVER!!


If you’re interested in finding out more about Fiona Skye and her work, here is a link to her website (Here: ) and her facebook page (Here: )